Supermotos Are Totally Pointless, And That’s The Point

By Rowan Page | Published on 2020-04-12

Supermotos Are Totally Pointless, And That’s The Point

Spoiler alert; I really like supermotos.

People usually have some thinly veiled ‘logic’ to their decision to buy a motorcycle. “I am going to save so much time and money commuting on this.” No you won’t. Yes, in theory motorcycles are very efficient, but you put the helmet on and the brain switches off. If you need an excuse to convince someone about your choice to buy a bike, fine, but don’t lie to yourself. You are buying it because you want to, not because it makes sense. Sometimes they do, but that is just a happy coincidence.

Enter the supermoto. One thing is very clear; nobody is making any excuses here. It’s a dirtbike with superbike slicks, deal with it. Why? Because you can. Anyone who owns a dirtbike knows the feeling. You have just finished cleaning your bike and you really NEED to start it up and go for a quick spin around the block, just to make sure everything still works right? It’s a great feeling.

For a joyous 8 months things worked out that I had myself a two-stroke supermoto as my daily driver. And what a time that was. It wasn’t particularly fast, but it looked brilliant and with a full Pro Circuit exhaust system sounded like nothing else on the road.

Traffic wasn’t even a consideration, and neither was parking. Over pavements, up and down stairs, you could go wherever you wanted. The fun-factor was through the roof. I loved this bike so much I even parked it inside my tiny 0.5 bedroom apartment.

It had no top box, nowhere to attach your helmet, no oil mixer and a tiny fuel tank. Zero practicality but I didn’t care. It put a smile on my face every time I kicked it into life and heard the distinctive ‘ring-ting-ting’. No doubt my neighbors hated me.

Supermotos can take you places
Supermotos can take you places

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