Weekly Update 2020-06-14

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-06-14

This weekend marks the tenth week since we started the project. In this update I want to share some progress and future plans.

First, some stats. In these 40 days (and 40 nights), we've

- published 22 posts by 5 contributors
- had over 1700 unique visitors to the site
- gained 19 subscribers to the newsletter
- established a social media presence that's seen us mentioned by some influential channels

We're quite pleased with what we've achieved so far. But, as with a motorcycle going up a hill, momentum is everything. In the weeks that we've put in more work, we see a corresponding increase in activity on the site. When we don't publish or otherwise promote the site, the traffic drops off quickly.

It is clear to us that taking On Any Sunday to the next level, two things are required. First, we need more contributors. So far we've had very positive responses from the people we've approached to write something for us. Secondly, we need a variety of content. A website with only opinion pieces and photos is nothing but a blog - and we have higher goals.

We are working towards addressing both of these points. It might seem a bit lame, but we don't want to share too much detail in this regard. We have started reaching out to some larger players in the industry, and are busy sorting out some details before we come to agreements. But the cogs are turning and we hope to soon be offering something fresh for your enjoyment. Big work lies ahead, but we savour the opportunity to dig into it.

As regular readers will have noted, these Sunday newsletters have become a bit of a motorcycling diary for me. Keeping strictly to the weekly schedule is important for myself to keep focus on the project and maintaining momentum. And, of course, the reason we started the website can be traced to our rediscovering of the fact that writing is good therapy and enjoyable.

With that the end of my rambling. I wish you a productive week!

Jaco du Plessis

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