Weekly Update 2020-06-07

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-06-07

Good Sunday evening!

Today I stand before you as half a man, as the other half lies scraped across rocky hills and muddy inclines at an undisclosed location in the Overberg.

But not without good reason – I merely traded it for two days of enduro riding. You can pick up some amazing lockdown deals if you just keep your eyes open…

We had a photographer – thank you, Zané – at one of the hills to capture some of the carnage. For your viewing pleasure some images are available here: https://www.onanysunday.co.za/posts/hartebees-enduro-practice/

If anyone reading this would be interested to join us in future rides on these private trails, please get in touch with us.

That’s all for this week.

Jaco du Plessis

PS. I saw some hilarious messages on WhatsApp of large groups of bikes (30+) blasting up into the Tankwa and friendly traffic officers waving to them as they passed. Good on all parties!

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