Weekly Update 2020-05-17

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-05-17

What a beautiful Sunday we've had! Down in Cape Town, at least.

I went for a ride on my bike today, and saw many others blasting down the empty roads between Blouberg and Durbanville. Even the Harley riders greeted as they passed. Few things can make a man as happy as roaring towards the horizon on two wheels.

That's what you always hear about motorcycling - it's so much fun, signifies freedom... blah blah blah. That's true, for sure, but only one side of the coin.

My own bike has caused me a lot of mental anguish over the past couple of months, and today it climaxed in the form of an oil puddle in the driveway. Read about my abusive relationship with my BMW here:


Rowan couldn't risk writing something this week – all the drool over his new bike might go into the keyboard. Yes, he's about to give adventure riding another go, and we'll all looking forward to read about his conquests on this new machine.

On the podcast front, JJ has been solid as a rock and releases a new episode every Friday over here: https://www.onanysunday.co.za/podcasts/gravel-travel/.

Check out his interviews with:

- Jo Rust: The fastest female cyclist from Johannesburg to Cape Town, the first person to cycle around South Africa and the first women to circumnavigate Africa on a motorcycle - all solo.

- Stefan Boshoff: An adventure rider who's life took on a whole new meaning when he met Dakar legend Alfie Cox and thereafter Jan du Toit from Country Trax Off-Road Riding Academy in South Africa.

Thanks to everyone that responded to the last newsletter - especially all the great ideas for content. We're aiming for two new pieces every week so it might take some time to get to all of them.

Have an excellent week. Cheers for now.


Jaco du Plessis

PS. Sorry for the bad links in last week's update, I've made sure to not cock it up this time.

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