Weekly Update 2020-11-22

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-11-22

Good Sunday evening!

After a long break from this newsletter, I'm back to hitting the keyboard. Fortunately a lot of interesting things have happened in the past couple of months that I'm keen to publish on the site.

And I'll have time to do it, that's for sure. I'm currently in bed with a broken ankle. A week ago I had surgery to get it fixed but now I'm out of action for at least 8 weeks.

## Honda Quest 2020

Like Rowan mentioned last week, from 4 to 13 November I was competing as a finalist in the Honda Quest. In short, 14 riders from across the country rode the new Africa Twin in the Richtersveld and Namaqua region for 9 days.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity making new friends, exploring breathtaking terrain and learning a lot of things that you can't read in a book. I'm working on an in-depth report about that, although it could take a couple of weeks to finish.

Fret not, as there are many other things to look at in the mean time:

- Daily highlight videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fXOQ3EP5RI&list=PLy4-ZHmUG2NtFZe1yS8HQRbCFTs79zAHv

(A 30-minute video of the entire event will be published on that channel in the next day or two.)

- Our Instagram account where I published some clips and photos: https://instagram.com/onanysunday_za

- My Telegram channel where I tried to keep my friends and family up to date: https://t.me/s/hondaquest

- The article published on ZA Bikers: https://www.zabikers.co.za/2020/11/18/done-and-dusty-the-2020-honda-quest-adventure-challenge/

- The behind-the-scenes report on the Wilddog Forum: http://www.wilddog.za.net/forum/index.php?topic=252857.0

- The Gravel Travel podcasts about the Quest (2 episodes): https://www.onanysunday.co.za/podcasts/gravel-travel/

## 2020 Africa Twin

I've had two weeks on the bike in some of the toughest terrain any sane or insane person would take on with an adventure bike, so I'll be working on a review of the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin.

The distinguishing factor for Honda in this market segment is their Dual Clutch Transmission system which functions as an automatic gearbox. It has both up and downsides and hopefully I can give some insight into that.

Spoiler: it's a great bike that can take you across the globe, guaranteed.

## MotoCheapie

Over the weekend our MotoCheapie team did some visual work on the bike - rust removal, seat upholstery, spray painting - that sort of stuff.

We don't know for sure whether the bike will make it, but at least know we will look the part at the starting line.

I've been re-assigned from rider to team manager now and I'll be cheering from the sidelines next weekend. We are competing as the "Thunberg Boys".

I'm attaching a picture of our modified 2-stroke Suzuki Max 100cc bike to this newsletter.

More details about the event here: https://motocheapie2020.glideapp.io/

## Wheels24

We've been speaking to some of the editorial staff at Wheels24 and they are going to publish some of our content on their site. They are the biggest motoring website in the country, so the exposure for us would be huge. Any day soon we expect to see Rowan's BMW 800GS review published there with a link back to our site.

## Lastly

Yes, I did break my ankle whilst riding a bike. I knew you were going to ask. More details will be in the Quest report.

Any other questions, comments and feedback are very welcome and you can send them our way by replying directly to this mail.

Have a great week.

Jaco du Plessis

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