Weekly Update 2020-09-06

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-09-06

Good Sunday Evening!

# KTM 1290 Adventure R

Last weekend I had an opportunity to ride a 2017 KTM 2019 Adventure R for a day, and decided to do a 600km loop through the Cederberg.

I wrote a brief article outlining my experience: https://www.onanysunday.co.za/posts/first-impressions-ktm-1290-adv-r/

Truthfully, I found it hard to write an engaging piece - I'm not quite satisfied with the result. I came to the conclusion that motorcycle journalism, and especially writing a bike review, isn't as simple as I thought it would be! I'll keep my day job for now.

## WC Local Racing Events

The first races since the start of lockdown are around the corner.

The Western Cape Offroad Club is hosting their third race in Riviersonderend the coming weekend. Rowan and I will both be entering.

After that there is the CSMX Enduro round 5 at Robertson on 26-27 September. Yes, you read correctly - two days of racing back to back. Rowan is especially looking forward to this. His preparation includes spinning and pilates classes and who knows what else. I'm still in two minds whether to enter, as I really would not want to break a bone before the Honda Quest (read below).

## Honda Quest

The Honda Quest (https://quest-trueadventure.com/) has announced that the finals will indeed take place this year from 5 - 14 October. As one of the finalists I'm very glad that the organisers were able to adjust their plans to fit in with Covid-regulations.

The energy among the contestants is palpable with packing lists, training schedules and diet plans flying around on the finalists' WhatsApp group.

We have each been given a topic to research and at some point during the event will be required to give a 7-minute presentation. Beyond that, we really know what to expect - where we will be riding, staying or doing for more than a week.

More updates on the Quest to follow as we approach the start date.

## Motocheapie

I saw an advert for a very interesting event called Motocheapie. The premise is to buy and prep a bike for under R5000 and then race it for four hours straight on a dirt track outside Durbanville.

Check out the website here: https://motocheapie2020.glideapp.io/

This promises to be great fun - trying your best to blow up your engine but also trying to keep it alive for four hours. We have convinced one of our colleagues to join Rowan and I in a team and we are actively scanning the classifieds for a suitable vehicle. If you have some beat up, rusted plaas bike under covers in the back of your garage, please let us know!

There is also a WhatsApp group for race entrants that I've joined. There are some good laughs to be had looking at what some okes are scheming. (The link to join is on the website.)

## KTM 990

Yesterday I wanted to fire up the 990 and take a leisurely ride down to the caves at Arniston. Because the new pont at Malgas is still not open, I went through Swellendam, but just as I crossed the Breede River bridge, a wave of rain passed over. Along with my clutch that started slipping, I decided to turn back home.

On the 30kms back home the clutch slipping became progressively worse and I also started hearing a knocking sound coming from the clutch cover. I limped home and disgustedly parked the bike without investigating. As you'll remember this is short on the heels of being stuck with the same bike in Graaf-Reinet also without a clutch (that time the hydraulic slave cylinder being to blame).

This morning I opened her up and found one of the spring loaded bolts completely loose. It had knocked against the clutch cover and metal shavings had gone everywhere - even between the clutch plates.

After some cleaning and putting it back together, it still didn't work properly so now it will give great joy to BMW riders when I take it to Cape Town on the back of a trailer along the N2.

But I guess fixing bikes is part of the fun when you're a bike owner. So I'm not complaining - I already know a lot more about clutches than I did a month ago.

Have a good week and try to find the positives, even if Eskom is making it hard to see with the lights off.

Jaco du Plessis

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