Weekly Update 2020-06-28

By Jaco du Plessis | Published on 2020-06-28

Good Sunday evening!

Hopefully no-one blew off their bikes this weekend.

## Mollie

Almost exactly one year ago, after tying up a personal project, I finally allowed myself to seriously start looking for a bike.

I spent hours looking at Africa Twins, trying to find the right one. Then one (literally rainy) day, I came across a blue BMW R1200GS Adventure. A 2014 model with about 34,000km on the clock. Almost instantly I decided that she had to become mine.

I didn't even go for a ride due to the rain - I just stood in another guy's garage listening to her idle. A big girl but with very attractive lines.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made - buying Mollie, as I dubbed her. I rode 25,000km in less than a year - and I didn't commute! Almost 10,000 of those kilometres came during an amazing 4-week solo trip I did around Southern Africa at the end of last year (https://t.me/s/grondpad). I recall one day where I rode from Pretoria to Graaff-Reinet, all along the back roads of the Free State, arriving after spending more than 12 hours in the saddle to complete the 1,050km. Amazingly, I got off the bike and still wanted to carry on going. People talk a lot of shit about BMW motorcycles, but I doubt whether any other bike will ever offer me that experience again.

You'll notice I'm speaking in the past tense - this week I sold Mollie. If was over so quickly: less than 48 hours after I posted the ad, the new owner was blasting away on her, no doubt as enchanted as I was when I took her home the first time.

May she have a long and prosperous future. I won't forget her.

## Dirt Biking

I also bought my first dirt bike 6 months ago, and took some time this week to reflect on some of the thing I learnt from my journey from a completely clueless newbie to a rider that built his own enduro trail: https://www.onanysunday.co.za/posts/dirt-bike-lessons-learnt/

## Podcasts

JJ le Roux has been putting out some excellent interviews on his Gravel Travel podcast, including an episode with Kinga Tanajewska, a beautiful Polish Australian touring the world on her own, whom I personally admire. Find all the episodes on our site here: https://www.onanysunday.co.za/podcasts/gravel-travel/

## Finally

Rowan has been spearheading our effort to get bike reviews on the site and is putting the finishing touches on his own KTM 250 review. Keep an eye out for that this in the coming days.

May you have pleasant week.

Jaco du Plessis

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